Blackjack is also referred to as 21, and is a favorite casino game among many gamblers. Notions about the game being hard to comprehend and play have faded with time. if you’re wondering how to win at blackjack every time, keep reading!

How to win at Blackjack

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How to win at blackjack every time is a very common question for all blackjack passionate players. By learning the blackjack easy rules and taking advantage of loopholes in the systems you’ll be able to learn how to beat blackjack and become a professional player.

How To Win At BlackJack

How To Win At Blackjack Every Time- The Rules To Follow

Blackjack provides the best opportunity for gamblers to combine skill and strategy to significantly increase their chances of winning money. Of course, blackjack depends heavily on luck, but an intelligent strategy goes a long way in determining how often a player wins. Playing blackjack in online casinos is, in many ways, similar to playing it in land-based casinos. Online casinos try as much as possible to imitate real life casinos, and this results in a very similar experience. Learning how to beat blackjack has never been so easy since we provide you here with an in-depth and easy-to-understand guide about blackjack easy rules.

Blackjack Easy Rules

Blackjack is played by two or more players and a dealer, but the players all compete against the dealer and not among themselves. The game usually involves two to six players. The dealer is the representation of the house. We suggest you to read them carefully to get a confidence and needed skills on how to win at blackjack every time.

The dealer deals two cards to each player, and every player has to add up the value of the cards. The winner is the participant whose cards add up to the value closest to 21, but not going over 21. When the value goes over 21, the player is said to have busted, and automatically loses the game. In this case, the next participant wins no matter the value of his cards.

The cards are valued as follows:

  • Numeric cards are valued at the number indicated. For example, a 2 of hearts is valued at 2.
  • Ace cards are valued at 1 or 11. The value of the ace is decided upon by the participants in accordance to the rules of blackjack. If the total value of the cards can be less than 21 with the value of the ace being 11, then that becomes the value of the ace. In such a situation, the ace is said to be a soft ace. If the value of the ace has to be 1 in order to create a total value of less than 22, then the ace is said to be a ’hard ace’.
  • 10, jack, queen and king are all valued at 10.

In blackjack, the numeric value of the cards is all that matters. Whether a card is a heart, spade, diamond or clover is irrelevant.

Blackjack Rules

The Blackjack Terms

If you are just starting out on the game of blackjack, you might find yourself confused with the uncommon vocabulary used. Here are some of the words that are used in the game that might help you gain a basic knowledge on how to beat blackjack:

  • Hit- Once the dealer gives out the initial two cards to the players, the players and dealer have the option of picking a card. This is what players will call ‘taking a hit’.
  • Stand- The players and dealer can also choose to stand. This is when they decide to not take an extra card.
  • Double down- After a player receives the first two cards, he/ she can choose to double the bet.
  • Split- A player could get two identical cards at a time, for example, two jacks. The rules of blackjack allow the player to use the two cards separately. In other words, the player can create a new hand and bet on it separately.
  • Surrender- A blackjack player can choose to quit the game in the middle of it. This is referred to as surrendering and results in the player getting half of the wager and the other half goes to the dealer.
  • Natural blackjack- A natural blackjack is a clean sum of 21 points. For a player or dealer to have a natural blackjack, the original two cards have to include an ace, and either a 10, jack, king or queen. Getting a natural blackjack is only possible at the start of the game; at any other point in the game, the player simply has a 21.
  • Insurance- Blackjack rules provide for a player to bet on the chances of the dealer getting a natural blackjack. Once the first card of the dealer is revealed as an ace, the player is offered the chance to place an additional bet on the second card having a value of 10. This is usually supposed to be exactly half the amount placed on the actual game. Different online casinos will have different policies regarding insurance, and most players view taking insurance as a poor strategy in the game. This is because the chances of the second card being a King, Queen, Jack or 10 is very low.
  • Bust- When a player’s cards sum up to more than 21, the player is said to have busted. In this case, the player loses the game, and the other participant wins regardless of the value of their cards.
  • Push- This is a situation in which the player and dealer have cards with equal values. For a game to end in a push, the players must both have cards with a total value of above 17 and below 21; and the two values should be equal. In such a situation, the gambler gets his/ her money back.

How to start off playing Blackjack

Blackjack is a simple game to play. However, as a beginner, it is best to play the game online as it is easy to learn, how to win at Blackjack in a casino. This is because you can take advantage of the online guides on the game, and also use the bonuses offered to practice. That way, you do not have to spend a lot of your own money on the experimental games. Playing blackjack online can therefore help you get experience in the game without having to pay the full cost of the journey.

The game will start with the dealer giving two cards to each player and himself. The dealer will turn one of his cards first, letting all the players see the card. The players can take insurance at this point. Then the dealer will turn the second card. All participants can add up the cards and see whether the player or dealer has cards adding up to between 17 and 21. The player with the highest value within this range wins. Otherwise, the players can choose to hit or stand. The dealer has to hit till his cards add up to at least 17.

Playing blackjack online

Playing blackjack online involves a few steps as outlines below:

First, you have to place your wager. This is dependent on the online casino, but will usually go as low as a dollar. Then you click on the ‘Deal’ button and you will receive your two cards. Sometimes, the dealer might deal three cards, but the players are usually advised not to pay attention to the third card. The cards could also be dealt so fast that the players get the impression that 3 cards were handed out instead of two.

After the cards are dealt, you can play by taking a hit, a stand or doubling down. If you have an identical pair of cards, you also have the option of splitting hands.

Then you and the dealer will be dealt a card, if this was the choice you made.

Depending on the outcome of the game, your account will either be credited with the winning amount, or you will lose your wager.

Online casinos give you an option to rebet. This simply means that you will have a rematch with the exact same amount of money you chose to stake in the first match. If you wish to bet the same amount of money, you can simply click on the ‘rebet’ option instead of going through the whole process of choosing your wager again.

When playing blackjack online, it is important to make use of the Help screen. The help screen will give you access to the rules of the game, and these will vary from casino to casino. Learning the rules before placing any bet is important since you can have a sense of what the house edge is. Variations of blackjack have been developed over time and these will affect how the dealer plays, when he can stand and when he has to hit and how much a blackjack pays. Since these are not uniform, it is necessary to get yourself informed.

Depositing and withdrawing money depends on the online casino you are playing with. The payment options vary from casino to casino, depending on the countries involved. Of course, some countries cannot access certain payment options and this influences the decision of the casino regarding payment options. Casinos will generally have guides on how gamblers can deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts, and this reduces the blur involved.

To learn how to beat blackjack systems, it is necessary to see how gamblers have handled the game in real life as this is decades older than its online counterpart.

How to beat Blackjack Systems Offline

Playing blackjack offline exposes the player to many tried and tested winning methods. Some of them might be illegal, but if you’re slick enough, they may end up filling your bank account with cash. In the worst case scenario, you may have to spend some years in jail. If the casino owner finds this out, depending on his level of sanity, he may pick up a fight with you. The good thing about blackjack is that it is a comparing game and is played against the house, meaning the other gamblers don’t have anything against you if you win. All the same, it is best to know the tricks in case you ever find a good chance to use them.

Blackjack Tips

Bending card

Bending cards is one of the oldest blackjack tricks. Of course, it is an illegal practice and requires swiftness. All you need to do is spot a card, say an ace, and make a slight bend on the corner of the card. This way, you will be able to notice the card the next time it is dealt, and this will inform your decision on whether to hit, stand or double down. Of course, casinos noticed this trick many years ago, and have rules regarding this. If a card is found to have a bend, it is usually replaced with a new card. This trick required thorough practice since casino dealers are trained on how to notice such tricks.

Switching cards

This trick involves the player having his own winning cards with him at all times in the game. The winning cards are hidden in the player’s sleeve, and are to be removed at opportune moments when the dealer is not looking. Since blackjack is only played against the house, other players can join efforts when it comes to this trick and make their winnings. Also, watch the surveillance cameras as you can easily end up getting caught and going to jail.

Dealer Collusion

Any of the tricks aimed at how to beat blackjack systems are 100 times more successful if the dealer is involved. In this case, the dealer and a player join forces to beat the system and the resulting profits are split between the two. The dealer’s job is just to watch as the player cheats and do nothing about it. The dealer and player will have to make this arrangement beforehand, and outside the casino. To have a dealer join you in cheating the system, you will have to be a high roller since dealers are generally highly paid. To have them risk their job, you will have to be an expensive gambler.


This cheat requires two players at a table. One of these players has the job of standing at a good position to spot the dealer’s hole card when the dealer lifts it. Then this player has to send that information to the player at the table, who will use it to his advantage. Of course, this trick requires great skill as the dealer’s hole card is very hard to spot.

All these cheats cannot be applied in online casinos, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. However, there are still strategies that have been used in the past, in land based casinos, which can still be applied to the online game.

How To Beat Blackjack – Strategies

Basic Blackjack Strategy

Strategies on how to win at Blackjack in a casino involve the dealer’s up card and the player’s cards. It is simply a way of telling when a player should hit and when he should stand.

Basic blackjack strategy depends on whether the hand contains an ace or not. In hands that do not contain an ace, a player should hit if he has a hand with a total value of 9 or less. If a player has cards totaling to 10 or 11, the player should double down if his cards total is higher than the dealer’s up card. If the dealer’s up card is more than the player’s total, then the player should not double down, but instead hit, that is how you win at BlackJack at least. If the player has a card total of between 12 and 16, then the player should hit if the dealer’s up card is 7 or more. If the dealer’s up card is less than 7, then the player should stand. When the player’s cards add up to 17, then the player should stand.

In hands that do contain an ace, the player should double down when his cards add up to between 13 and 18, and the dealer’s up card is 5 or 6. The player should hit when his cards add up to 17 or less. If the player has a card total of 18, he should hit when the dealer’s up card is 6 or less. If the dealer’s up card is 7 or more and the player has a card total of 18, then the player should stand. The player should stand if he has a card total of 19, 20 or 21.

Best Advice On How To Win at Blackjack In A Casino

Basic blackjack strategy and how to win at Blackjack strategies advices that players should never take insurance. The chances of a dealer picking a 10, jack, queen or king as his second card are very close to 0, and this sums up as a waste of your money. Serious gamblers should therefore never bother with the insurance.

In regards to the splitting of cards, a player should always split aces and 8’s. An ace is always a strong card when it is on its own. This is because it can take the highest value or the lowest value depending on the situation. However, when aces are paired, the result is that they have to take values of 11 and 1, making a total of 12. For a blackjack player, a total of 12 is most inconveniencing. This is because it is too weak a value to stand, and the addition of an extra card will probably lead to a situation in which both aces have to work as 1. Only a 9 will give a strong value of 21. If you split aces, any 10, jack, queen or king card will result in you getting a total of 21. For this reason, aces should always be split.

8’s should also always be split since a total value of 16 is similarly inconveniencing. 16 is too weak a number to stand at, yet any card you pick has a 60% probability of resulting in a bust. Any card above 5 will lead to a bust. It is therefore best to spit hands when you have a pair of 8’s.

Depending on the rules of the casino, the player should still resplit aces and 8’s when dealt with a new pair. After splitting hands, the dealer will treat each hand separately and deal a different card for each. If it happens that you get another pair of 8’s or aces, they should be further split to form a third hand.

On the other hand, a player should never split a pair of 10’s. This is because a total of 20 is strong enough for a player to stand.  Splitting 10’s means that the only chance at getting anything better is for the player to get an ace; and the chances that this will occur are very slim. The player therefore has better chances with the paired 10’s. However, a player should split 10’s in certain situations. Specifically, this should be done when the player is counting cards and knows that he has reasonable chances of getting an ace, 10, jack, queen or king. In such a situation, the dealer’s up card should be less than 6, meaning that the dealer has very low chances of getting a strong enough total to match your totals.

Also, you should never split a pair of 4’s. A pair of 4’s is already weak enough, and splitting them means that you have to double your original wager. With a pair of fours, you have a card total of 8, which is impossible to bust on. The highest card you can pick is an ace, which will result in a strong total of 19.

5’s should also never be split. A pair of 5’s has a total of 10, which is a good value to hit on. Even further, you should double down if the dealer has an up card of less than 9. Splitting 5’s will only result in you having a weak hand of 5. Even when you get a second card of the value 10, your total will be 15, which is bad enough. In essence, you will be sacrificing a great chance at a strong total, for a very slim chance at a strong total.

2’s, 3’s and 7’s should only be split when the dealer’s up card is 7 or less. If the dealer’s up card is 8, then the best course of action is to take a hit.

A pair of 6’s should only be split if the dealer’s up card is less than 6. Otherwise, the player should just hit as he can only bust of you pick a 10, jack, queen or king, and is therefore better off taking his chances.

Split 9’s if the dealer’s up card is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9. Otherwise, the player should simply stand on his strong 18 since hitting is similarly a dumb move. Anything above 3 will result in a bust and an automatic loss.

Composition Dependent Strategy

This strategy considers the total value of your cards, and the individual cards in the hand. The dealer’s cards are also taken into consideration, and judgment on the end of the player is highly advantageous. An example of the application of this strategy is if you have cards summing up to 12. If the dealer has cards adding up to, say 4, you might usually want to stand and see where the game is going. However, if your 12 is made up of a 10 and a 2, you will be better off taking a hit since you are less likely to get another 10. And getting a 10 is the only way for you to go bust. Also, if you choose to stand at 12, the only way for you to win is for the dealer to go bust, which is less likely with one 10 already out of the shoe. This is especially true when there are fewer decks in use.

Use a Counting System

A counting system is one of the legal tricks used by advantage players in blackjack. Counting high and low cards in the game enable the player to determine whether the next card is likely to be favorable or not. In this way, the player is able to decide what action to take. In the worst case, the player can even surrender. Of course, this is not a fool-proof method of making wins in blackjack, but can improve the chances of a player winning. This strategy involves keeping track of the number of high end cards, their location and their distribution. The aim of this system is to determine the effect of the removal of one card from the shoe, on the edge of the house.

Card counting

Card counting or card reading is based on the theory that high cards benefit the player, while disadvantaging the dealer. Low cards, on the other hand, benefit the dealer while inconveniencing the players. High cards are 10’s and aces, and these are the cards the player needs to keep track of. With these cards, the player is more likely to hit a natural blackjack, and access the high payout of 3:2. Since a player can choose to stand at any point, the high cards are more beneficial to him. The dealer, on the other hand, has to keep picking cards till he hits a score of at least 17. For this reason, the dealer is better off having the low cards. If a dealer draws a high card, for example 10, when his score is at 16, he will end up having a bust and losing the game.

High-Low system

One of the systems used to count cards is the High-Low system. In this system, the high cards and cards 2- 6 are tallied, while cards 7, 8 and 9 are assigned a value of 0. Their removal from the deck does not affect the rest of the game. The low cards increase in value as they increase the percentage of high cards in the remaining set of cards. High cards increase in value for the opposite reason. Low cards increase the percentage of high cards in the remaining deck when one low card is dealt. The skills of counting cards are developed over time, and so is an understanding of the implications of the counts. Other advanced players keep track of the cards in a more complex manner, but this has been criticized in the blackjack community for the amount of time and concentration it takes. A player could make more money playing more games with the basic counting technique, than from one game that is thoroughly played with a complex counting technique.

Back counting

Back counting or wonging is another counting technique, which might be harder to apply in online casinos. Back counting involves having a player take note of the cards in the deck, without participating in the game yet. Using the counting techniques, the player can determine the edge of the house against that of the players. When the player determines the player advantage as higher than that of the dealer, he can join the game mid-way and place his wager. When the player advantage goes down, the player may choose to quit the game and get half his wager back. Alternatively, he can choose to keep playing with his lower chances at winning. Back counting is more common in shoe games involving 4, 6 or 8 decks, since the house edge is more probable to be consistent. Also, many casinos will not allow players to join a game involving 1 or 2 decks midway. The advantage of back counting is that players only participate in games where they have a real advantage over the house. The player does not also have to keep adjusting the bet size, and this can help in keeping the house unaware of card counters in the game. Although card counting is a legal blackjack strategy, casinos will always put in place measures that prevent players from keeping accurate card counts. On the down side, the player can be detected as a card counter by the frequent moving in and out of games mid way. In addition, the player does not receive comps from the casino as he does not spend enough time on one game.

 The Group Counting Technique

Another way of taking advantage of the card counting technique was illustrated by an MIT blackjack team. This method is called the group counting technique and involves a group of players who play as a team. The team members distribute themselves in the casino and each player places a wager of the minimum amount allowed in the casino. As the game progresses, the player keeps count of the high and low cards and when the player has a significantly higher edge, he signals another player, who joins the game midway and places a wager equal to the maximum amount allowed by the casino. Once the game is over, or the cards are reshuffled, the player leaves the table as the count has been reset; and goes on to join a different table in which another player has signaled that the game is hot. Of course, a casino can easily spot such a team of card counters by the consistent winnings and the large amounts of money placed in a single game. The advantage is that the team can make a lot of money by not having to watch and keep track of a single game.

Group counting and back counting are more applicable in land based casinos, although such behavior is bound to raise suspicion in the casino. Blackjack is not usually a game where people watch, and such behavior will definitely let the secret out, especially when it is combined with consistent and high winnings.

In online casinos, a player can more subtly keep count of the high and low cards and determine the house advantage. Online casinos are also advantageous for card counting as you can do it physically or using software. In a land based casino, the players have to keep track of the cards mentally. Although card counting is legal in many places, casinos discourage the practice as it can lead to heavy losses on the end of the house. Players who are identified as counters are usually banned from the casino. Players are never allowed to enter the casino with counting devices, or people to assist in counting the cards.

Use the Consistent Wager System

The consistent wager system is a system based on the house edge and statistical evidence. Since the house edge is always less than 1% in blackjack, a player making repeat bets of a fixed amount of money is bound to lose 1% of the times. In past statistics, it has been observed that in the short term, a player will lose more than he wins, but in the long term, the losses will be equalized and a rough figure of about 1% will be evident. However, this applies to informed players who make intelligent moves.

The trick with the consistent wager system is to stay consistent and keep betting with a fixed sum of money. The player should not quit after a loss or a series of losses since the statistics should always hold. The reason why the player will lose 1% of the times is because the game also has an aspect of chance.

The consistent wager system, however, fails to take into consideration the fact that there are winning streaks and losing streaks. Ideally, during a winning streak, a player should place a larger wager to take advantage of the higher chances of winning, and in a losing streak, the player should reduce the wager.

The Martingale System

The Martingale System is an old, tried and tested formula for making a profits in blackjack. It can serve as an alternative to the consistent wager system.

In this system, a player has to place numerous bets consecutively. If the player loses in one game, he places double the wager in the next game. If he still loses the second time, the player should still place another bet of double the previous amount. At a point, the player will completely recover his money.

The Martingale system has been used since the 18th century in France and has proven to be so effective that casinos had to set up rules to control it. The one limitation of this strategy is that it can end up being very expensive for the player. If, for example, a player starts off with as low as $2, after 20 loses, the player will be playing with an amount of money equal to 2 raised to the power of 20. This is a bet of about $ 1 million. Most casinos will not even allow players to place such high wagers in blackjack games.

In the grand Martingale system, the player is supposed to double his wager after every loss, and add one extra unit. Of course, this is much more risky, especially if you have a losing streak.

A less risky way of applying the Martingale System is to use the reverse version of it. In this case, the player should double the wager after every winning, and return to the initial bet after every loss. This is much less risky as you do not risk losing a large portion of your money if the worst were to happen.

The Fibonacci System

The Fibonacci system is an alternative to the Martingale System and the Consistent Wager System. It is, however, much less risky compared to the Martingale System. In the Fibonacci System, the player has to place consecutive bets with amounts in a sequence like this: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21….

The sequence is such that the next amount is determined by the previous two amounts. The player starts with an amount of one unit, and the next is still one whether he won or lost. The above sequence assumes that the player lost all bets. If the player gets a win, he is supposed to cross out the last two amounts in the sequence. For example, if the player won the next game in the sequence above, the next bet would have to be placed with 8 units of currency.

Use the Basic Blackjack Strategy Calculators

Basic blackjack strategy calculators are online tools that can help a player generate his own strategy in a blackjack game. Blackjack strategy calculators only need you to feed the specifics of a game, and the calculator will generate strategies informing you of what moves you should make under what circumstances. For a beginner, a basic blackjack strategy calculator is one of the best ways to beat the system.

Shuffle Tracking

Shuffle tracking is another form of advantage play and involves card counting. Shuffle tracking is basically a method of keeping track of a subsection of the cards to determine what cards a player is likely to get. It is more efficient in games involving 4, 6 or 8 decks as these are less likely to be shuffled thoroughly. Again, this may have lower chances of accuracy in online casinos, since the processes are automatic. For this reason, applying this technique in online casinos can be done without having to bother with the number of decks involved.

The player keeps count of the cards in a section of the cards, and using mapping techniques, determines where the subsection is located in the deck. The player can also analyze the shuffle to determine where the section lies in the deck.

If well executed, this technique can result in a player advantage of over 50%.

Use Casino Bonuses

Online casinos are very generous with bonuses. Bonuses offered in online casinos are better than the comps offered on blackjack tables. Also, do not get tempted to spend the bonuses recklessly with the feeling that you are not losing your own money. Combining your skills and the bonuses is a great way to gain a huge bankroll from the casino without spending your own money.

Most casinos will offer a sign up bonus for joining the casino. How this works varies from casino to casino. Some will give the bonus out to the player once the player signs up with the site, while others will simply multiply the original wager by a certain percentage. Other casinos will only give out the bonus when the player makes his initial bet. Casinos also offer bonuses for inviting friends. Similarly, how this bonus works is varied. Some will require that the invitee places a wager before the inviter can obtain the bonus. Additionally, some casinos will offer bonuses in points for every certain amount of money spent in the casino. All these bonuses are worth exploiting to the maximum.

Conditions regarding the withdrawal of the bonuses will also vary. Most commonly, the casino will require you to spend the bonus on a number of games before you can withdraw. Some will even require the player to play at least 20 games before claiming the money. This does not, however, apply when it comes to the VIP points offered for every certain amount of money spent in the casino. VIP points can be withdrawn at any point.

In land-based casinos, bonuses are offered as comps. Unlike online casinos, comps can come in terms of extra services such as extra food, drinks and hotel rooms. The total sum of the comps may not always add up to the same value of the bonuses. Bonuses offered in online casinos are more generously given, and can be used to boost your wager, and your final profits. Also, bonuses make it easier to start off as a player since you do not risk losing your own money.

Bankroll Management

Managing your bankroll is part of the strategy in playing blackjack. Many gamblers go broke and end up in messed up situations because of failing to manage their bankroll. In regards to winning and losing, managing your bankroll is an important aspect as it can determine whether you ever make a profit in the casino or not. For example, once you make a winning, your brain might lead you to the famous gambler thought of ‘what if I placed more money?’ And what happens is that you actually go ahead and place more money. Of course, superstition never works in blackjack, and the more games you play, the higher your chances of losing. This does not include well planned games that make use of intelligent strategies; these can be played for as long as possible since the player has an idea of the probability of him winning or losing.

Managing your bankroll requires you to plan beforehand on what amount of money you wish to gamble. You also need to decide on the best course of action in case you make a winning before exhausting your set amount. Do you want to increase your bet amount with the new money? Or do you want to quit playing for the day? If you choose to play with the new money, you should have an idea of what percentage of your winning you want to spend on extra games. Otherwise, you can easily spend all your winnings and even extra, in an attempt to recover the money.

An important tip when gambling is never to spend borrowed money on the games. This is because there are high chances that you will lose. In extension, you should never gamble with credit money. In fact, you should never gamble because you need money. For gambling to be fun, it has to be done with extra money; money that you can afford to lose.

Another good way of limiting the amount of money you spend is by limiting the time you spend gambling. The repeated adrenalin rushed that you experience in the casino can easily see you spend the whole day in the casino, and that means a lot of money going to waste. The land based casinos can be good for this as they will have to close at one time, and you also have to travel to the casino; assuming you do not live in the casino. In online casinos, you can easily find yourself spending all your time gambling as it can be done anywhere and anytime. That means you need to exercise discipline and know when to quit.

Never drink alcohol when gambling. You need your judgment when taking part in activities like blackjack. If you get drunk, you have poorer judgment, not just on the moves to make, but also on how you spend your money. Ideally, you should only take soft drinks or coffee, if you have to drink anything at all.

Don’t place large bets on blackjack games before you understand the game well enough. As a beginner, it is much better to place the lowest possible bet and progress upwards as you get an understanding of how the game works. With games like blackjack, you never get to understand the game well just by reading on how it works. You still need sometime playing it yourself and applying the strategies advised before you can call yourself a pro blackjack player. Placing large wagers on the game without having enough experience can lead to a major loss of money. You should also be careful not to fall into the trap of placing huge bets at once in an attempt to access the bonuses.

Extra Tips on Playing Blackjack Online

Pick a reputable casino

How to beat blackjack? The selection of a reputable casino is crucial. The online casino business runs in varied ways. It is best to pick a casino which has received a good number of positive reviews. Previous players should be satisfied with the speed of operation in the site, the payment history and the odds offered.

Research the variation of blackjack in the casino

Varying a few rules in blackjack can result in a greater edge for the house. An example is the rule on whether the dealer should hit till he reaches a total score of 17. A variation of this rule could reduce the player edge greatly and it is best for the player to seek a different casino with favorable conditions. You can learn about the rules of the specific blackjack site in the help screen of the game. All the rules and directions on how to win at Blackjack are listed in this section.

As a player, you should look out for an online casino that offers a payout of 3:2 for natural blackjacks. Also check if the dealer is required to stand on a soft 17. These are favorable conditions for player as they reduce the house edge.

Research on the bonuses offered

The bonus amounts, types of bonuses and conditions regarding the cashing of bonuses should be inspected before choosing to play with a certain casino. Of course, some casinos are more generous than others when it comes to the giving of bonuses. However, be careful as some sites can confuse you with different bonuses, or very high bonuses and very poor odds. It is best to play with a reputable casino that offers lower odds than to play with a shady online

casino that offers greater bonuses.

Handle your money

Limit your loses by having a good bankroll management strategy. If you lose your first deposit, it is better to move on to a new casino, unless you have a clear understanding of how you can fix the situation in a future game.

Cash what you win

Most casinos will require you to fulfill certain requirements before you can withdraw your bonuses. These requirements include how many games you have to play, and how much money you have to spend in the casino. To make a profit, you need to cash your winnings as soon as you are allowed to do so. Otherwise, you can easily end up spending all your winnings in the casino, and your net profits will be 0. Withdrawing your winnings is a habit that is cultivated over time.

Bet with less money first

The easiest way to burn out as a blackjack player is to bet with large amount of money as a beginner. As a learner, it is best to spend little amounts of money first as you learn to apply the tricks and strategies of the game. Since the casino will require you to hit a target before you can access their bonuses, you can keep spending little amounts of money till you hit this target. This is better than spending the whole bonus in a single bet.

Learn the Banking Options

Most casinos are not able to receive money deposited through credit cards. This is simply because credit card companies do not accept transactions linked to casinos for obvious reasons. It is important to consider the banking options of an online casino before making an initial bet as different casino will have different options, some of which can be inaccessible to you.

Blackjack Side bets

Blackjack offers a number of side bets to increase the excitement of the game. Gamblers famously seek that adrenalin rush, and this is exactly what side bets are meant to do. However, in reality, the side bets are meant to increase the revenue of the casino by having the gamblers spend more money on extra bets. Side bets usually have much lower chances of making money for the players and most professionals advice against betting on the side bets. These are the side bets offered in blackjack:

  • Lucky lucky- This is a bet on the dealer’s up card and the player’s total adding up to 19, 20 or 21.
  • Perfect pair- This is a bet on the player’s first two cards being identical. A perfect pair has to be the same number and the same suit.
  • Royal match- This is a bet on the first two cards being suited, and a top bonus for a suited king and queen. A royal match could be an easy match (suited pair) or a royal match (suited king and queen).
  • 21+3- This is a bet on the player’s total, plus the dealer’s up card, summing up to a straight, flush or 3 or a kind. This side bet pays out in a ratio of 9:1.
  • Lucky ladies- This is a bet on the player’s initial cards totaling to 20.
  • In bet- The player bets on the dealer’s up card being of a value in between the player’s first two cards.
  • Bust it- This is a bet on the dealer busting after picking his first card.
  • Match the dealer- This is a bet on one or both of the player’s cards being the same as the dealer’s up card.

Blackjack side bets usually have higher payout rates than the game itself, but the house has a much higher edge. As such, it is better for a player to avoid blackjack side bets.

 Comparison Between Playing Blackjack Online and Offline

Traditionally, blackjack is played in land based casinos. The first online casino was developed very recently, in 1995. For some people, playing blackjack online is better than playing in land based casinos while for other, the opposite is true. So how can you choose where you want to play blackjack? And how to beat blackjack online and offline? Here are a few considerations in making this decision:

The Advantages Of Playing Blackjack Online

  • Online casinos offer generous bonuses. Most people have shifted to playing blackjack online because of the numerous and generous bonuses offered by the online casinos. Namely, these are bonuses for joining a site, bonuses for inviting friends and for staying loyal to the site. Other casinos give players points for every dollar spent in the casino and these can later be cashed. On the other hand, land based casinos offer comps, which can be in form of food or drinks or even a hotel room. In comparison, the bonuses offered in online casinos are much better since you can use the money to boost your deposits and make greater winnings. The bonuses also cushion you against initial loss, even though you cannot withdraw the money before meeting certain conditions. Even further, bonuses in online casinos are administered automatically. In land based casinos, the comps are only given after a player asks the management to keep track of how much money he spends in the casino, and is therefore less convenient.
  • Online casinos also offer more variations of blackjack. Only a few land based casinos can afford to have the large number of blackjack variations. As a player, you therefore have more options when it comes to playing blackjack, and can choose to play the variation in which the house has the lowest odds.
  • It is much easier to keep track of your bankroll when playing blackjack online. When playing online, you can access software to help you keep better financial records of how much money you are spending on the game, and in the process, regulate the amount of money you spend on the games. In land based casinos, the players have less access to material that can help them keep records of the amount of money they spend.
  • Land based casinos also come with the inconvenience of having to share a gambling room with people who could be drunk and, in other cases, they smoke cigarettes in the same room. If you also drink alcohol, you can get tempted to order a bottle of beer, and this will lead to you spending money irrationally; not to mention the fact that you can’t keep track of the game well enough when drunk. Blackjack strategies are not just automatic, and applying reason and judgment requires a sober mind. In online casinos, you escape the peer pressure, influence and the possibility of passive smoking of cigarettes.
  • Online casinos are also safer gambling ‘joints’ compared to land based casinos since you do not gamble in the company of possible robbers and thieves. For example, if you make a major win, and someone else in the same casino has gambled and lost his rent money, he is likely to try and get his money back from you. The insecurity you are exposed to in a casino is even worse if you choose to gamble in late hours or in the night, as many people prefer. If you play a blackjack tournament and win against someone else, you are also very likely to become a victim of violence and robbery. All this is avoided completely if you choose to play blackjack in an online casino.
  • Since online casinos are open at all times of day and night, you can easily plan your schedule as you wish. You do not have to play at certain hours or on certain days. If you have a job that requires you to work at odd hours, this feature will prove to be highly valuable. This is as opposed to land based casinos which are only open at certain hours. At some hours, casinos are also too empty for you to feel comfortable playing. In addition, you can play from wherever you are located. You do not need to travel to the casino; having a desktop device or even mobile phone is enough. Even more, you do not need to bother about the dress code since no one can see how you are dressed on the internet.
  • Playing blackjack in online casinos also gives you a better chance of using the card counting technique without arousing suspicion. You can even make use of devices and software that are developed for this specific purpose.

The Disdvantages Of Playing Blackjack Online

  • The card counting technique cannot apply as efficiently as it would in a land based casino. The shuffling technique can almost not be applied at all in an online casino. This is because in a land based casino, you can see how the decks are shuffled, unlike in an online casino. You can follow the sections of the cards and can tell how thoroughly the cards are shuffled. In a land based casino, the cards are likely to be less thoroughly shuffled since this is done physically. Online casinos are automatic processes and the shuffling is bound to be done much more thoroughly.
  • Apart from the card counting technique, other tricks used by pro gamblers can’t be applied in online casinos. For example, you can’t bend a corner of a card when playing blackjack online as this is just impossible. In land based casinos, cards can also have marks which can help a player know when the dealer has a certain card. This knowledge is helpful in informing the next move of the player. For example, if a player knows that a dealer has a six, and the dealer’s card that is turned is a 10, he can choose to stand and let the dealer bust. This trick can never be applied in an online casino.
  • Playing blackjack online makes you miss out on the social aspect of the game. Land based casino are places where people can meet, and this aspect of the game is lost when it is played online. Some of the people you meet in land based casinos can be helpful when it comes to understanding the rules and variations of blackjack. The tricks used can also be better learned when interacting with other players. Many people also like to go to the casino after a hard week, just to have a relaxed evening and meet their friends. Some land based casinos offer free food and drinks, and are frequented by many famous people. For this reason, some people choose land based casinos over online casinos.
  • Online casinos are based on website or online applications. This comes with the problem of site downtime, which can distract the flow of the game and make it a less enjoyable game. Since land based casinos are based on real live human interaction, these kinds of distractions cannot occur.
  • Online casinos are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Although this is also an advantage of online casinos, it makes it harder to control how much time you spend playing the game. If you choose to play blackjack in a land based casino, you will easily leave the casino as soon as most people are gone.
  • Online casinos also have the problem of slow processing of transactions. Withdrawal of money in a land based casino is an immediate process. All that a player needs to do is cash the chips at the counter and then get the money almost immediately. For online casinos, bureaucratic procedures in the cashing of winnings makes the process slow, sometimes even taking days or weeks.

We hope that it’s clearer for you now how to win at blackjack and that you’re now confident in the area of how to beat blackjack. You can also check out the general rules of BlackJack.

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